Queso Semiduro

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This attractive cheese with a brownish rind is unique. Grade A cow’s milk, salt and a very special mixture of cultures and rennets are converted by traditional techniques into this rich, dense but supple, grassy, flavorful cheese.

This particular product is pressed for not less than 10 days and cured to a perfect stage of maturity for up to 3 months. The edible rind, made from a special recipe that includes ground Venezuelan coffee and spices, contributes to protect and bring the exquisite sharp flavor of the Semiduro cheese. Inside, the texture of the ivory-colored center of the cheese is firm and dry, yet rich and creamy, dotted with small irregular eyes.

Serve as a cheese course with quince, guava or sour cherry preserves; fresh figs, strawberries and/or honey. Alternatively serve shredded on pasta or salads. As a table cheese it marries well with dry-cured meats and sausages, and pairs excellently with a glass of a spicy red wine such as a Montepulciano, Valpolicella or Merlot.

Units per Package: 1 - Dimensions: 5" by 1-1/2" by 3" - weight: 1.0 Pounds (Approx)