Queso de Mano

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A delightful experience to your senses is the way to describe one of the signature cheeses of Queso Palmita. This pasta filata cheese, made from Grade A cow’s milk and kneaded by hand, is a fresh, delicately flavored elastic morsel that reveals within its layers the sweet but piquant traditional taste of the South American cuisine.

A very thin shiny skin invites one to have a feast with this chewy treasure. A magnificent addition to salads, this cheese is typically enjoyed either alone on roasted French bread or in sandwiches. Pair it with red berries or kiwi. Cover it with prosciutto, add a tomato-basil mixture, black olives and olive oil, close your eyes and take pleasure in this delightful treat.

Units per Package: 3 - Dimensions: 5-1/2" Round by 1/3" - weight: 1.0 Pounds (Approx)