Franchise with Us

Queso Palmita is a fully franchisable company that has all its processes defined and established under quality standards that led to approval of the FDA for processing and marketing, maintaining the authentic tradition of the Hand Crafted process.

The company has a staff of advisors on hand for franchisees from the stage of market research to distribution to the end consumer, through installation of infrastructure, provision of lists of materials required, the transmission of know how to elaborate, establishing quality controls and financial resources necessary for the business to generate income from the moment that the first production of each product is achieved.

Additionally and convinced of the operational and financial viability of our company to offer franchises in partnership for both local markets in USA and Overseas.

For more detail information you can contact our Business Development Manager at the factory on the phone 480-980-4547 or via email

If you belong or you want to immediately integrate a community of Venezuelans anywhere in the world, this is the best deal, as it will allow you to stay connected with them through a more traditional product for a daily diet.